Welcome to “La Bergerie de Féline” guest house, in Drôme Provençale.

Holiday rental, with friends or family, in an outstanding setting.

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Situated above Dieulefit, in the heart of Bourdeaux country, this former sheep barn from the 18th century has been renovated by interior decorators of ‘Maison Hand’ in Lyon, who were keen to combine contemporary objects and old materials, thus creating a warm and friendly atmosphere with a designer feel.

La Bergerie de Féline invites you on a voyage of discovery.
It’s tucked away in a little valley, wholly dedicated to organic farming, where the nanny goats reign supreme. But watch out for the wolf … when winter comes, he also seems to enjoy the tranquillity of the area!

The previous owners sailed the seven seas before settling down in this beautiful valley. The current owners, Dani and Flo, have kept this spirit of adventure and freedom by driving the length of Africa, as a family, over the course of one year. An expedition in a four-by-four, from Brussels to Cape Town.

Contemplate, breathe in, listen and feel as nature, wild and unspoilt, is spread out before you. Fields tinged with a palette of dazzling colours, a rare intensity of light.
Here, the seasons, months and days are incredibly varied. How could anyone fail to fall in love with Drôme Provençale?

We will attend to your every need during your stay at La Bergerie de Féline guest house.

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